What’s a good app for hyper scheduling in iOS? Double points if you have a task manager that works well with calendar events as well!

Having a dream where you get an F on your writing doesn’t sound like a nightmare, but when it’s one of your latest blog posts I wake up in sweats.

Can someone help me make my link posts work like Daring Fireball’s and the Entry Title is a link to the article I am linking to? I feel like I am not doing things the “right way” having a link post but not having it respond like other sites do.

I’m working on a new piece for Tablet Habit and I want your help with it. What are your gripes and/or praises about the iPad? @ me, DM me, or e-mail me (contact at TabletHabit dot com) your thoughts!

I am writing on my iPad for the first time since getting my MacBook Pro and boy do I prefer the Smart Keyboard over the MacBook Pro. I’m not sure what specifically, but something about it makes me feel like I can fly through my writing with it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off notifications for everyone in iMessage except select contacts? Is that even possible?

Call me crazy but I love working on MarsEdit as a blogging platform. Does anyone else use this or other tools for blogging? I would love to know other apps like this out there!

Anyone who uses MarsEdit know what would cause a “Invalid XML Response” error? I only get it when I post a plain text post with html input (iframe to be specific). Any help is appreciated!

I finally learned how to make tables in HTML. Yes it may be rudimentary but I’m excited. I’m learning you guys!

After #WWDC and some personal stuff in my current career I’ve decided to start working towards becoming a web developer. I have zero experience coding so this is going to be a very interesting journey. Wish me luck!

Today’s WWDC was wild compared to the rumors, or lack there of, and I for one am pleasantly surprised. #WWDC

I am sure it’s a stretch but my goal is to somehow make my blog a full time job. If anyone who is on here does this now I’d love to talk with you and get som pointers on how I can make this happen.

So I made the move from Tablet Habit to iamjeffperry.com. I will explain in a later post, but it boiled down to what I wanted to write about. The iPad is a love of mine but the the only love. So I wanted to share more on a site with my name on it.

I’m playing around with my MacBook Air again and it’s becoming more and more pleasantly surprising. Idk if I’ll be iPad Only anymore…

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to create a community of indie bloggers. This is one of those ones I wish I knew more about web design and the options for people to communicate online that isn’t Slack of a FB group. Any ideas?

This was a joke one of my coworkers did on my desktop background. It’s weirdly inspiring. Joke’s on them I guess?