I’m playing around with my MacBook Air again and it’s becoming more and more pleasantly surprising. Idk if I’ll be iPad Only anymore…

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to create a community of indie bloggers. This is one of those ones I wish I knew more about web design and the options for people to communicate online that isn’t Slack of a FB group. Any ideas?

This was a joke one of my coworkers did on my desktop background. It’s weirdly inspiring. Joke’s on them I guess?

Anyone know some iOS apps that can open and view .html files? I’m looking to use it to preview drafts for my blot.im posts on Tabket Habit.

Making a Workflow from scratch that works is such a satisfying feeling. Especially when what you’re trying to do isn’t documented online anywhere.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should do to streamline my blogging platforms? I have Tablet Habit and my micro.blog and a Twitter account all with different usernames. I’m not sure if I should keep them all different or just use a personal domain, forward Tablet Habit to that personal domain and change all my accounts to be the same. Thoughts?

Besides Wordpress, is there a good CMS for blogging that is relatively easy to work with on iOS? I am fine with setting it up on a Mac and then go to iOS for posting afterwards.

Is it weird I’m listening to @hotdogsladies and @Gruber’s SXSW talk from 2009? It’s about blogging and I have no idea how much of it holds up.

So I am starting to write Morning Pages in Day One. I have no idea how long they should be but I think they are helping me gather my mind as well.

Working hard on the Drafts 5 post coming out Wednesday. Can’t wait to see all the reviews on @agiletoroise’s app! It’s so good you guys. Pre-Order now!!!!