Having a dream where you get an F on your writing doesn’t sound like a nightmare, but when it’s one of your latest blog posts I wake up in sweats.

Can someone help me make my link posts work like Daring Fireball’s and the Entry Title is a link to the article I am linking to? I feel like I am not doing things the “right way” having a link post but not having it respond like other sites do.

I’m working on a new piece for Tablet Habit and I want your help with it. What are your gripes and/or praises about the iPad? @ me, DM me, or e-mail me (contact at TabletHabit dot com) your thoughts!

I am writing on my iPad for the first time since getting my MacBook Pro and boy do I prefer the Smart Keyboard over the MacBook Pro. I’m not sure what specifically, but something about it makes me feel like I can fly through my writing with it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off notifications for everyone in iMessage except select contacts? Is that even possible?

Call me crazy but I love working on MarsEdit as a blogging platform. Does anyone else use this or other tools for blogging? I would love to know other apps like this out there!

Anyone who uses MarsEdit know what would cause a “Invalid XML Response” error? I only get it when I post a plain text post with html input (iframe to be specific). Any help is appreciated!

I finally learned how to make tables in HTML. Yes it may be rudimentary but I’m excited. I’m learning you guys!

After #WWDC and some personal stuff in my current career I’ve decided to start working towards becoming a web developer. I have zero experience coding so this is going to be a very interesting journey. Wish me luck!

Today’s WWDC was wild compared to the rumors, or lack there of, and I for one am pleasantly surprised. #WWDC

I am sure it’s a stretch but my goal is to somehow make my blog a full time job. If anyone who is on here does this now I’d love to talk with you and get som pointers on how I can make this happen.

So I made the move from Tablet Habit to iamjeffperry.com. I will explain in a later post, but it boiled down to what I wanted to write about. The iPad is a love of mine but the the only love. So I wanted to share more on a site with my name on it.

I’m playing around with my MacBook Air again and it’s becoming more and more pleasantly surprising. Idk if I’ll be iPad Only anymore…